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It's been said that the folks with the best sites need the work the most - We don't buy any of this ourselves, but the simple fact is that after years doing great work for our clients, our own website had become a cobweb.

The fact is, we're really good at what we do. In due course you will see a new IdeaSource website. In the meantime, contact us to see how we can move our website development project further down the list by helping you.
shoemaker's child syndrome: [shoo-mey-kerz chahyld sin-drohm, -druhm]

1. Pathology, Psychiatry, Marketing, Advertising, Internet . a group of symptoms that together are characteristic of a firm or agency too busy to keep their own marketing, brand, image and messages current: Like the proverbial shoemaker's child who is the kid running around with bare feet, the guys who do the great work for others don't take the time to attend to their own marketing - a bad case of shoemaker's child syndrome!
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